Vestrak is an advanced vessel tracking system helping you track the location of your fleet around the world. It takes inputs from weather patterns, identified piracy areas, special zones as per MARPOL annexes and helps in reviewing the passage plan of the vessel as required by ISPS code, Chapter V of SOLAS. Vestrak boasts an array of exciting vessel tracking features like interactive user interface, advanced vessel search, track movement history, passage plans & distance calculation between points on map, weather forecast etc with attractive visual representation. VesTrak is available now on all modern browsers.

Vessel Position and History

Find where your vessel is and has been any time

Port List

Find any port around the world and get their details from within VesTrak

Vessel Position and History

Plan your vessel’s voyage to minimise time at sea and avoid inclement weather

Piracy and JWC War Alerts

Be alerted when your vessel enters known high risk zones

Ice Zone Alerts

Be alerted when a vessel enters an icy region

User Defined Area Alerts

Define custom regions and be alerted when your vessel enters them.

Weather Overlay

Regularly updated weather overlays allow you to plan safe voyages for your vessels

Vessel and Port Search

Find a vessel or a port through a simple search

Routing and Distance Calculation

Plan vessel routes using RHUMB line or Great Circle methods